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Corporate Security Support

security support

Board Certified Consulting & Investigations personnel have many years serving on consulting teams of major corporations. In that role we offer full support on an “on call”  basis for security related objectives.

The benefit gained is utilization of a professional outsourced firm on a project basis without investment in full time security team staffing. We support the mission of the Security Director with the flexibility of an ad-hoc support resource on an as needed basis, or in instances void of an internal Security Director, assume that role on a part time basis.

Whether it involve security provider vetting, selection & monitoring, Quality Assurance Review, Internal Auditing, Threat Assessment, Crisis Management or other security related assignments we bring over three decades of “Industry Insider” perspective and insight typically unavailable to those outside the industry.

The Board Certified Consulting & Investigation team members are professional, seasoned consultants in a variety of specific disciplines which can be applied to the project.

We welcome the responsibility of providing Board Certified Consulting & Investigations assets to any Consulting assignment required … and the commitment to our partnership that will entail.