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Outsource Consultants

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OutSource Consultants, Inc. was founded in Atlanta in 2002 as the original parent of what is now Board Certified Consulting and Investigations, LLC.  Its mission is simple …. To aid and support the business decision and operational process of our clients with regard to Security and Investigative Services.  We provide insight into the industry that houses the “good, the bad & the ugly”, from a unique perspective … offered by no one else.


We serve a broad base of industries, from manufacturing to banking, healthcare to the Silicon Valley.  Our clients provide exceptional services and products and are focused on that effort. They are subject to limited exposure based upon advertising and information offered by providers who have a vested interest in the sale of their products and services.  Certainly nothing wrong with that … but what is fact and what is hype?


OutSource Consultants, having an “insider perspective” in the industry over 35 years identifies the inconsistencies and often times the “smoke & mirrors” by providing due diligence in the vetting of candidates on elements such as stability, performance, capabilities, litigation and many other factors which impact return on investment.There are many good, solid, customer focused providers within the industry.  They need to be identified by a source without vested interest, vetted, negotiated with and brought to our client for acceptance.


The OutSource Consultant  division offers no products, security services, equipment or manned guarding and is not aligned with any provider.  Our vetting and assistance in the selection process is totally objective.  Additionally, when requested we remain as an overseer of the project to ensure objectives are met from the RFI solicitation to the RFP, the onboarding process, program assessment and implementation to the delivery of work product or services …. and beyond as required.

Within our investigative oversight capabilities we may remain as an additional “case manager” bring specific disciplines of our extensive network to the assignment as needed.


The sole focus of the OutSource Consultant  division is to provide our client with quality guidance and industry intelligence to make an informed business decision in specific areas requiring additional insight and support not available through any other source.