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Corporations today are faced with identifying cost savings wherever possible while maintaining the delicate balance between cost effectiveness and quality.  Simply put, it’s “ROI “….. seeking more in value than expended in dollars.

Criminal activity is not going to cease or shrink; in fact historical research would forecast that it will increase. Companies must address issues before they fester.  It is reasonable to assume however that most companies are not fiscally positioned to add additional staff. Board Certified Consulting & Investigations is an outsourced firm with capabilities of providing these services on an “as needed” basis. 

We provide a total commitment to fully understand the needs of our client coupled with capabilities and a professional network to bring resources to the project who deliver.

If one were to build a home, who would fulfill that project, a plumber, an electrician, a mason?  It is doubtful if any single source could deliver a completed home.  While each may be best in class in their particular trade, one would turn to a reliable general contractor who could understand the total objective and apply the best resources to the project, monitoring the entire project through fruition.

Most companies today lack the internal capabilities to address every issue from an investigative or physical security perspective.  We broaden our clients capabilities ensuring an immediate response when necessary.

Board Certified Consulting & Investigations addresses objectives through application of long term, seasoned relationships with best in class specialists in disciplines.

There is no such thing as the “Jack of All Trades”.  The best forensic photographic professional may not possess the skill set to conduct an investigative interview.  The most proficient interviewer may not have the capabilities or the resources to conduct an in depth due diligence. We are the consultancy that brings it all together and collates efforts into an understandable final work product … analyzed and presented in an understandable format. 

We maintain access to “World Class” professionals in nearly every discipline imaginable.  This has taken over three decades of effort and investment. Board Certified Consulting & Investigations provides a professional information network, immediate response capabilities, analytical research prowess, global resources, reputation, accreditation, certifications and a track record of excellence.

We execute a client prepared non-disclosure agreement prior to assignment.  Most cases fall within a fiduciary relationship and are protected under an attorney work product confidentiality umbrella, by our request. 

As evidenced by many successful assignments where our clients required immediate response, it is important to develop the relationship prior to an incident occurring. We look forward to that partnership.