Florida License 1500077

Civil & Criminal Litigation



Board Certified Consulting & Investigations deliverable work product include services resulting from our team experience in investigation of hundreds of murders, suicides, accidental and suspicious deaths, countless robberies, white collar crime, burglaries, violent felonies and sex crimes. We have validated experience in all facets of criminal, juvenile, civil and internal investigations.
Our team members are designated as Certified Expert Witnesses in Criminal Investigations and Police Procedures by the courts and have developed policy and training, for both traditional and unique police functions including:
•Civil Process Division, overseeing all civil process, subpoena and civil writs execution

•Internal Affairs Division

•Child Protective Investigation Division, investigating all allegations of abuse and neglect,

•Elderly Abuse

•Marine/Dive and aviation Units

•DUI Enforcement Units

•Crime Scene Investigation

•Crisis and Risk Assessment.

•Polygraph Services

•Forensic/Cognizant/Hypnosis Interviewing

•Policy Review/Development

•Use of Force /Force Continuum Assessment

•Domestic Violence/Workplace Violence

•Criminal/Civil/Internal Investigation

•Vehicular/Aviation/Maritime Crash Reconstruction

•Legal Consulting

Our team consists of nationally recognized instructors of police subject matter, having provided training to federal and state law enforcement agencies, city and state government entities and to the corporate and legal profession and is uniquely qualified to continue contributing to our reputation of  providing unparalleled investigative service and consultation.


Having global reach and well trusted intelligence sources, information is obtained, analyzed and presented in a format that is comprehensive and understandable.

The analytical research unit tailors each assignment to the objective.

High Level Profile Employment Vetting Investigations – a complete profile of an individual. Includes information on personal history, past and present employment, reputation, any past or pending litigation, civil and criminal traces, a financial snapshot (including property, liens, judgments, or bankruptcies) and an overall assessment of character. The final report will provide a clear and complete picture of whom you are dealing with, eliminating surprises.

Due Diligence/Corporate Investigations – reports include the background and history of the company, an overview of their operations, any past or pending litigation, biographical profiles of the key officers (including any past or pending personal criminal or civil litigation), a financial snapshot of the company, reputation, and any past or potential problems the company may have – an overall viability assessment of the company. In addition, we will investigate any special areas of concern within each individual company.

Asset/financial Investigations – identifying and locating assets for an individual or a business. Developing a financial profile including banking affiliations and corporate entities or family members under which assets may be hidden. This includes all real property such as real estate, vehicles, boats, etc., as well as stock filings and intellectual property.

Litigation Support – obtaining and providing evidence to support legal proceedings. Including gathering testimony and/or evidence in support of pending or ongoing lawsuits.

Strategic and tactical market analysis – an overview of the market in a given country. Includes sections on the political, economic, and security situation, as well as a section on doing business in that country. We will also cover information on the market size, history and current status of the industry, the black/gray market, sales potential, current leaders and competitors in the market, leading suppliers, and any available statistical information. This provides a comprehensive report that gives the “big picture” as well as the level of detail required to support your strategic planning.

Counterintelligence – Identifying leaks in strategy, R&D, unaccounted-for losses, “accounting irregularities”, non-compete violations.

Within this discipline Board Certified Consulting & Investigations offers a wide variety of due diligence and personnel background services, including, but not limited to:
•Federal, state and local criminal proceedings and convictions
•Federal, state and local civil litigation
•Bankruptcy court records
•Magistrate’s court records
•U.S. tax court records
•Federal and state tax liens and warrants
•Surrogate and probate court records
•Matrimonial and family court records
•Judgment indices
•Pending suits
•UCC filings
•Mechanics liens
•Property records
•Educational verification
•Prior employment
•Corporate/partnership filings and entity filings
•Fictitious business name indices
•Regulatory checks including
•SEC filings
•FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) records/actions
•CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) records,
•Arbitration records
•Department of Motor Vehicles records
•Professional registration and licensing
•Local, national, international Internet/media review
•General interest, trade, and limited access publications
•Business databases

For voluminous background activity we are strategically aligned with industry leaders. We  maintain case management oversight and liaison, a value added benefit to our client.