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Executive Protection



We have a multitude of success stories of our ability to protect principals in an Executive Protection environment. Throughout each operation our goal is to minimize risk and reduce exposure through meticulous planning and preparation. Thorough communication with the client representative and advance planning is vital for a successful program.

A non-confrontational approach is utilized, and contingency plans are established which best afford a safe environment for the protectee (s).

Some of our assignments have been as follows:

Five personnel assigned to a CEO and companion at a major event at which there were 300,000 attendees.  A credible threat was made and our management was summoned to respond.  Crucial to the operation was non-disclosure to the principals that they were being protected; yet a close surveillance (10-15 feet) was necessary to mitigate danger to the principals.  This assignment was conducted for three consecutive (3 days).

A major pharmaceutical company conducts their Board of Directors and a corresponding share holders meeting in June each year.  They rely on us to conduct the TSCM (Technical Security Counter Measures) .  This is typically conducted the day before the meeting and all sterile areas are secured by non-uniformed agents throughout the evening.   During the meeting agents are posted at strategic access & egress points, roving on the compound and are “salted” within the participant audience.  In addition, personal agents are assigned to specific principals and agents are assigned to sign attendees in and check credentials.

A major company was closing in a southern state, dramatically affecting the local economy ($50 million dollars, annually).  3,200 employees were being affected.  Fifteen (15) protection agents from across the US were assigned to respond.  The advance & preparation consisted of four (4) full days.  The operation (announcement phase) lasted two (2) days and the post announcement phase lasted beyond a week thereafter.  Thirteen (13) principals were protected and were chartered in and out of the city of operation on private jet.  Travel protection was coordinated as well as lodging for traveling executives and residential protection for local executives. This operation is ongoing based upon client requirements.

A company was closing its doors in Alabama.  Eight (8) protection agents were dispatched for a two-day assignment, including travel.  The company closed all operations on the same day of the announcement and all company property (laptops, cell phones etc.) was recovered from the 500 affected employees prior to leaving the facility.

A division of a significant manufacturing company was closing in South Georgia.  The company, under union agreement was faced with notifying the employees a year in advance.  Over 1800 employees were being affected.  18 protective agents and supervisory personnel were dispatched.  The operation lasted eight (8) days, including travel.

There are many such accounts of other assignments where the experience of Board Certified Consulting & Investigations management has been relied upon at times where critical judgment calls must be made.

A plan cannot effectively be simply, generically placed in a client facility and remain effective.  Each one must be tailored to the environment, corporate culture, and principal (s) lifestyle and of course level of threat.  Assessments must be made, client communication established, advance preparation made and contingencies put in place.

It is vital that the responder has vast experience in conducting such operations.

This is no time for the “trainee”, or the full time investigator/part time protective agent who is retained for the assignment based on price.  The wrong decision can cost millions in litigation and perhaps the life or safety of a principal.

There are a number of considerations, which must be addressed, in the planning stage.  The plan must remain flexible and must be predicated client need and input.  Typically the planning stage will require a number of interactive discussions.

Mission & Qualifications

It must be understood that the mission of the Executive Protection Team is to safeguard the principal (s) to whom they are assigned.  Their purpose is not to address asset protection.

Those assigned to an Executive Protection mission are not simply locally licensed investigators.  Our Strategic Alliance Partnerships are only with the “Best in Class” in the VIP Protection world, utilizing protection agents with years of intense executive protection experience both domestically and in third world countries.  Many operatives have been assigned to government officials, foreign dignitaries and celebrities. Many protective agents have spent time with the State Department or Secret Service.  All are experienced.  The supervisors assigned to the details have been conducting operations of this nature for many years. The Principal of Board Certified Consulting & Investigations has personally and actively managed many such assignments including each of those listed previously in this information.

An accurate complement of protective agents can only be assigned after further logistical discussions.  It is highly recommended that this conversation be initiated as soon as possible in order to accurately plan activity and assignments, and ensure agent availability.

Board Certified Consulting & Investigations has a proven capability to develop and manage contingency arrangements for domestic and international executive protection and has done so for many years.



Kevin C. Allison (Pagones-O’Neill) in New York with Sen. John McCain

Michael Moorer

Executive Protection detail for Tiger Woods, a member of my EP Team, Michael Moorer (Heavy Weight Champion of the World 1994) and me.