Florida License 1500077


Board Certified Consulting & Investigations provides a “one stop” source for access to the industry’s finest assets.  Over three decades of professional relationship development within our industry provides us with the ability to bring to the table our top strategic alliance partners in whatever disciplines are required.  We provide case management and liaison between our  client and field asset.  We receive a “most favorable” rate which in turn is passed on to our client.  The Board Certified Consulting & Investigations client receives additional levels of Quality Assurance at a better rate than if they were able to contact our strategic alliance partner directly.

The function of Board Certified Consulting & Investigations case management is multi-faceted and includes:

  • Client needs assessment
  • Consultation
  • Investigative/Consultancy Planning
  • Identification of and negotiation with assets
  • Assignment  of operation and resource application (often multi disciplinary)
  • Monitoring of field activity
  • Collation of intelligence
  • Review and re-assignment of assets as necessary
  • Report intake and Quality Assurance review
  • Delivery of work product to client
  • Post assignment consultation with client
  • Review of submitted invoices from assets
  • Submission of detailed invoice  & backup to client
  • Identification of further opportunities for our client
  • Continued Process Improvement