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Professional Certifications

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Board Certified Consulting & Investigations, LLC principal and its associates are Board Certified in Security Management by ASIS International (Certified Protection Professional), in additional to numerous additional Homeland Security, DOE and other industry and US Government related certifications.   Each assignment, regardless of nature, is personally case managed

by one or more of our leadership team. A Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification is achieved by intense study, typically years and successful completion of a stringent examination.  The candidate must pre-qualify to sit for the exam by providing validated industry management experience and education criteria. “Nine (9) years of security work experience, with at least three (3) of those years in responsible charge of a security function or a bachelor’s degree or higher and seven (7) years of security work experience, with at least three (3) of those years in responsible charge of a security function”. Once accepted to sit and successfully passing the examination, there is the requirement for requalification every three (3) years with continuing education credits.  Administered by the American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS) should the certified professional fail to provide documented and validated participation in continuing education of the three year period, he or she loses the certification and must re-apply to take the examination again. We are proud to hold the CPP certification and have re-certified for the past 28 years as well as serving tenure on the Professional Certification Board (PCB), developing the body of knowledge and preparing questions for the various certification examinations (CPP, PCI & PSP).  We continue to serve on the PCB, in an ad-hoc capacity. Certification is a significant benefit for Board Certified Consulting & Investigations, LLC customers by coverage and participation under the “Safety Act”.

Safetyaward-DHS Act

Known as the “Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act” (the “SAFETY Act”), the lawsuit protections that SAFETY Act coverage affords will result in significantly lower liability exposure for Board Certified Consulting & Investigations, LLC and its customers should a future act of terrorism occur. The Federal government passed the SAFETY Act as part of the Homeland Security Act of 2002. In short, the SAFETY Act essentially eliminates liability that could arise out of a terrorist attack for sellers whose anti-terror products or services have been reviewed and approved by the DHS in America’s fight against terrorism. Most importantly, these lawsuit protections extend to Board Certified & Consulting, LLC customers should a future act of terrorism occur and lawsuits follow alleging that we failed to prevent the terrorism. Should this happen, our customers’ liability would be strictly limited if not non-existent in most cases because they purchased Board Certified Consulting & Investigations, LLC SAFETY Act approved services under the certification programs of ASIS International. This may also create an opportunity for our customers to recognize lower insurance premiums given the elimination of risk of lawsuits should an act of terrorism occur. Companies that purchase services from other providers not having the CPP designation that have not been SAFETY Act approved would not enjoy such protections.

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” To achieve this title, an investigator must hold a valid private investigator’s license and successfully complete Board approved ongoing intensive training which may be by written exam, specialized training courses and submission of a white paper on an investigative subject not restricted to a particular state.  The results of the effort must be evaluated and approved by peer review.  To maintain the designation the licensee must pursue continuing education on an annual basis and in accordance with the strict guidelines of the board. Only those elite few individuals who meet and maintain the very highest standards of the investigative profession are admitted into the BAI program.  Only those who successfully complete the required extensive and enhanced training regimen are ultimately awarded the BAI designation.  They are truly the best of the best”  –  FALI